Master Studies

Public and Social Policy and Human Resources

Public and Social Policy and Human Resources

Specialization: Social Policy and Employment Policy

  • Master Programme Taught in English
  • Full-time Study Mode

Welcome to the website of the two-year Master’s programme in Public and Social Policy and Human Resources with specialization on Social Policy and Employment Policy. This programme is taught at the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University.

Why should you choose this programme?

The programme provides the graduates with the abilities of understanding and practical application of the current methods of solving the problems in social policy and employment policy as well as the abilities of evaluation of the problems and policies.

The programme is recommended especially to those applicants who are interested in development of public and social policies in Central European (post-communist) countries and in social aspects of public administration. The programme content focuses on processes and implementation of social policies taking the institutional perspective into consideration.

Who can apply for this programme?

Admission to a Master’s degree programme is conditional on graduating from a Bachelor’s degree programme in some field of public or social policy, some other social science field, economics and management, public administration.

We seek students with a strong interest in the development of contemporary public policies in general and in social and labour market policies in particular who want to research topics such as policy changes, evaluation of social programmes.

What will you study?

The Master's programme consists of three semesters of coursework and one semester of thesis writing.

Program courses:

  • Contemporary social policy problems in Europe: East and West
  • Economics of the welfare state
  • Employment and labour market policy: European Perspective
  • Programmes of social development in organisations
  • Economics
  • Evaluation research
  • Multivariate data analysis
  • Public policy process
  • Gender and labour market in different European context
  • Conceptualisation the thesis
  • Diploma seminar (Master's thesis)

What will you be able to do after graduation?

You will be qualified to work as managers and experts in social policy and labour market policy fields or as researchers, in the sta, non-governmental and commercial organizations. In particular you can perform the roles of managers or program designers in public policy, social services, social security or employment organizations in various sectors. You also can become teachers, especially in the tertiary education.

The programme also prepares you for further academic studies in wide range of Ph.D. programmes with focus on public or social policies, public administration, human resources, management etc. You can also continue your post-graduate studies at our department in the programme.

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Who will teach you?

The courses are runned by the team of experienced teachers. The team head Tomáš Sirovátka has been involved in several international research projects (EC 7th Frame projects, Horizon 2020, Norwegian funds and others), has taught in international programme Master of European Social Security (University of Leuven), and is Executive Manager of the International PH.D. seminars of European Postgraduate School in Social Sciences (EUSOC, Masaryk University).

Do you have a question? Contact us.

Tel.: +420 549 491 914

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